Grimalkin555 is a solo noise project utilising samples, cassette tapes, electronic FX and vocals.  There have been many live performances, in several different contexts and events, however no two performances have been the same.  Live performances often utilise video projection, made specifically for each of these performances by myself; as well as producing promotion videos for some tracks.  Releases include 'Super Spermatorrehea Bukkake Dance Party', 'Peevish Antics' and 'Hinamatsuri' all on Kovorox Sound; there have also been split releases with Kylie Minoise and To-Bo. Live collaborations have been with Kylie Minoise and FK Alexander.
“With a spew of chemically and mentally unstable brain-melt noise and menacing isolationism, is gender even a relevant issue with this music?”  Scott McKeating, Zero Tolerance, 2010

“...layers of feedback that gradually increase in intensity, the result almost bordering on HNW, inhuman screaming adds to the cacophony, taking the noise to the next level with almost masochistic abandon, taking perverse pleasure in completely annihilating your senses in the process” Todd Robinson, Musique Machine, 2011